Dip.HSc.Therapeutic Massage

Dip.HSc.Massage & Sports Therapy

Pawel has always been active in sporting and nature and this has lead to his devotion for massage therapy. Pawel enjoyed his time in the UK and in his motherland, Poland, as a waterski and climbing instructor. Since moving to New Zealand he has become an avid trail runner.

Pawel has achieved his Masters in Sociology and is now a qualified manual therapist. Thanks to his background in sports, Pawel is very comfortable working with elite athletes, runners and climbers. Most of all he loves being able to help anyone who is dealing with everyday stresses.



Dip.HSc.Therapeutic Massage

Dip.HSc.Massage & Sports Therapy

Massage has a special connection for Florence. Her initial interest in massage came from watching her Samoan Grandmother perform “fofo” (massage) on her family. The cultural connection of her Pasifika ancestors healing the body through massage keeps Florence grounded.


Her curiosity for how the body works and moves grew even more through school and competitive netball and more recently boxing. These physically challenging experiences created a strong appreciation for how this type of therapy aids performance, recovery and overall well-being.


Florence loves being able to contribute to her community through her work. She is thankful that she can do what she loves and help others be the best bodies they can be.


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