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Please note that we do not categorise our treatments by name as we offer personalised treatment plans. We may recommend methods you were not aware of that are best suited for your specific needs.


OMT sessions are time-based and that time is all about YOU!

 30-minute session     $80

 60-minute session     $120

 90-minute session     $150



1. FIRST APPOINTMENT: We will send you an online Intake Form to complete before arrival. This provides us with advanced notice of your medical history and any current conditions/injuries that may be contraindicated for massage, or which we should be aware of to ensure the utmost safety at the OMT clinic.  

2. ON ARRIVAL: A pretreatment chat allows us to discuss with you the best way to direct your session, address your priorities and determine if we need to utilise any other tools for your manual therapy (different oils or balms, cupping or needles).


3. PRE-SESSION: Once you and your OMT therapist are in agreement on your treatment plan, we will leave you to get ready and onto the table.


4. AFTERCARE: As we finish up your session we will give you post-massage advice to lengthen and strengthen the treatment you have received which will assist in your recovery and healing.


5. TIMELINESS: Please be aware that the treatment time you select will include all of the above steps, so, it is important that you are on time for your appointment. Feel free to communicate with us if there are any of those life-hiccups and you need to reschedule or cancel. We may be able to adapt on the day if our schedules allow.


6. CANCELLATION POLICY: Missed appointments or those that are changed, altered, moved or cancelled for any reason with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at 50%.

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